Online Robotics and Hobby-Electronics Stores in India

This is a list of Best to Worst stores which sell robotics and electronics spares and kits online in India. The factors considered are Cost, Delivery timelines, Accuracy of Product Description, Punctuality of owners, Trust factor and Customer support. I have ordered from majority of these stores in the last 12 years.
Robotics Spares
  • - I blindly buy anything from here for my hobby project.
  • Rhydolabz - 2nd option after, but costly delivery charges.
  • Roborium - Has some rare collection of robotics kits which are sold internationally.
  • - A gujju firm, was once on the top this list, but again very costly delivery charges.
  • Roboticsdna - costs and products very similar to
  • rare components - Good support, but slow delivery timelines. My order took 12 days to reach from Jaipur to Mumbai.
  • BM Embedded solutions - Good support on product. Cheap prices. One of my HC-12 module was not workiing, so I sent a video of it on whatsapp to the owner. He promptly guided me to solve the issue.
  • Eagle electronics - I loved the user experience. But at the end what matters is the price and delivery timelines. Very less BUT, unique range of products in a few categories.
  • Probotronix - Low quality products. One of my AMS1117 voltage regulator board burnt, and it hurt my finger. I demamded refund of Rs.60/- and I got it. So, good customer support and prices are cheapest of all. But, bad quality products.
  • - Good for electronic components at affordable rates.
  • robohaat - please wait for review.
  • sproboticsworks
  • roboelements - please wait for review.
  • digibay - Costly, but they have their own modules which are a good buy.
  • robodo - Operated by Bombay Electronics. Very good Sardarji Uncle. He is Honest, and has been my fav destination for DC motors, and a lots of servo motors. 30% of my electronics are bought from this store.
  • RoboIndia - Everything is costly and I don't know why.
  • Calcutta electronics - please wait for review.
  • kitsguru
  • pantechsolutions
  • campuscomponent
  • exploreembedded
  • Completely made in india products. loved it. But never explored.
  • inkocean
  • protocentral - They stock sparkfun modueles and breakout boards.
  • sparkpcb
  • extremeelectronics
  • crazypi - Stock mostly single board computers like raspberry series and beagle bones an their accessories.
  • onlinetps - Very slow website, never able to browse anything yet. It keeps loading and loading and loading...
  • theengineerstore
Big Brands
  • tomson electronics - cheap and good customer support.
  • centiot
  • tanotis too costly but have sarkfun imported products.
  • sunrom - good for components
  • evelta - good for components with description.
  • they stock adafruit,sparkfun products
Useless list:
  • ThinkRobotics - website doesnt work, too much costly.
  • Thingbits - everything is so costly
  • kitsnspares - earlier it was very diverse and was my first pref for buying anything, but now, it has changed, and has nothing. very poor website experience.
  • potentiallabs - operated by a single person, takes order, forgets and dont communicate well.
  • - website doesnt work lol