Its a minimal and lightweight tool for quick and easy access to MySQL databases. Focused on usability and simplicity. Written in Javascript, its a single-file app and requires Node.js to run. Its very easy to setup and use.
This is a robot platform with a 8 bit computer on-board (AVR of-course!). Features a 4 Wheel drive platform, a user interface, battery with real time power management module. Features Bluetooth, 433Mhz HC-12 Wireless for remote control. Everything on a single PCB.
(Discontinued.) PythonMiniAdmin is a light weight MySQL admin application written in python using Django framework. Just like in MySQL Workbench, PythonMiniAdmin allows you to create and save databases connections and operate on them. Export results to CSV has been added to the latest version. Currently I am working on the real time validation of MySQL query.
HiSchool is a cloud based secure and scalable School Management Solution. It has all features and functionalities which are required for a school to get driven paperless. The solution is developed on a custom MVC like pattern written in core PHP. Unfortunately, I have discontinued working on this project; you can contact me if you are interested in this project. Your contribution will be appreciated.
RSI Alert
This app notifies the user when a stock enters or is about to enter either Overbought or Oversold region which is determined by the RSI (Relative Strength Index) value. From users' feedback its been proven a helpful and a timesaver tool for stock brokers.
Spark is a user friendly image scraper app. Just enter the URL of the page to fetch images from and it starts. With the help of HTMLAgility Pack, it traverses through the webpage and grabs all the images. The kickass feature is that it can search for images hidden behind ads. Developed in .NET WinForms.
I created this way back in 2014 during my engineering course days. Its basically a code minifier app that removes all comments from your code and removes all unnecessary blank spaces and lines. The objective was to reduce the file size. This too is developed in .NET WinForms.
Codextore (Startup)
It's a location based platform for buying and renting books online. It is an implementation of a B-to-C model; in layman terms, user(the customer) orders a book and the nearest book store(the business) receives the order automatically, and the book is delivered. The best feature is that, the delivery time is shortened because the user gets his order from the nearest book store around him. With this idea my friend and I started Codextore, implemented and run it successfully with positive results.