About the project
Brilliance is a 4 wheel differential drive robot platform with a custom AVR development board, it's brain.
This robot platform can be used for learning autonomous robotics and can be a low cost solution for many kind of robotic applications/projects. The development board alone can be used for developing embedded applications involving high-speed wireless communication(SPI, I2C and UART), human-computer interaction, working with sensors and motor control, etc.

What's so special?
It is compatible with the open source prototyping platform Arduino. That means, you can use an Atmega microcontroller chip with Arduino bootloader burned on it.
Additionally, you can stack up any Arduino Sheild on it. Its compatible with Arduino Hardware too. However, I have designed it in such a way that you won't need to use a lot of shields. For driving Brushed DC/Servo motors it has 2 DRV8833 Motor Drivers, Bluetooth communication, NRF Modules, OLED Display module shield to it, as It features two DRV8833 Motor Drivers with parellel configurations each to give maximum power to the motors.
Pin Mapping
Feature Arduino Pin Brilliance Pin
Digital I/O Pins
(UART 0) RX 0 8 (Serial <-> USB)
(UART 0) TX 1 9 (Serial <-> USB)
INTERRUPT 0 2 10 (Speed Sensor Motor1)
INTERRUPT 1 3 11 (Speed Sensor Motor2)
GPIO 4 18 (16x2 LCD Display)
GPIO 5 19 (16x2 LCD Display)
GPIO 6 20 (16x2 LCD Display)
GPIO 7 21 (16x2 LCD Display)
GPIO 8 22 (16x2 LCD Display)
GPIO 9 23 (16x2 LCD Display)
(SPI) SS 10 4
(SPI) MOSI 11 5
(SPI) MISO 12 6
(SPI) SCK 13 7
GPIO - 0 (Debug LED)
GPIO - 1
GPIO - 2
INT2 - 3 (Buzzer)
PWM - 12 (Motor1 Left)
PWM - 13 (Motor1 Right)
PWM - 14 (Motor2 Left)
PWM - 15 (Motor2 Right)
SCL - 16 (OLED Display)
SDA - 17 (OLED Display)
Analog I/O Pins
(Analog I/O) 0 A0 A7
(Analog I/O) 1 A1 A6
(Analog I/O) 2 A2 A5
(Analog I/O) 3 A3 A4
(Analog I/O) 1 A4 (SCL) A3
(Analog I/O) 1 A5 (SDA) A2
(Analog I/O) 1 - A1
(Analog I/O) 1 - A0
Main Parts
-Processing - Android device connected to
-Low level controller - AtMega644P Microcontroller.
-Portable - everything in a single file
-Extremely lightweight