About nodeMiniAdmin
Its a minimal and lightweight tool for quick and easy access to MySQL databases. Focused on usability and simplicity. Written in Javascript, its a single-file app and requires Node.js to run. Its very easy to setup and use.
Why use nodeMiniAdmin?
-Ease of use
-No framework used
-Easy to setup
-Portable - everything in a single file
-Extremely lightweight
How to install
1. Download or clone this repo to a directory of your choice.
git clone

2. Install Node.js (if you haven't already) on your machine.
3. Open up terminal in the directory (where the file nma.js exists) and execute
node nma.js

4. It might ask you to install the sync-mysql module. Please install it and repeat step 3.
5. To run the app, open your browser and Navigate to https://localhost:3000/index.

nodeMiniAdmin Result Screen
1. nodeMiniAdmin Result Screen

nodeMiniAdmin Show DB Tables Screen
2. nodeMiniAdmin Show DB Tables Screen

nodeMiniAdmin Query Validation Screen
3. nodeMiniAdmin Query Validation Screen

nodeMiniAdmin Add MySQL Connection Screen
4. nodeMiniAdmin Add MySQL Connection Screen

Live Demo
Github Page
1. If port 3000 is already in use or blocked, free it up using the following commands.
    linux users:
sudo fuser -k 8000/tcp

    OSX users :
 sudo lsof -t -i tcp:8000 | xargs kill -9

2. If you encounter file I/O errors or exceptions, try running the app with elevated privileges
sudo node nma.js